Past Events



Secular vs. Islamist Polarization in Egypt on Twitter

Download ICS File 19/06/2013  - 21/06/2013 , Bloomington, IN, USA

QCRI's Ingmar Weber speaks at a political science conference (PolNet).

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International Conference of Computational Sciences

Download ICS File 05/06/2013  - 07/06/2013 , Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Halima Bensmail will present a talk about Metflex; a new software developed by QCRI for simulating artificial H1NMR metabolites quantification

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Big Graph Data: Advanced Searching and Processing

Download ICS File 03/06/2013 , Al-Nasser TowerA-21st floor-conference Room 2111

Dr. Yinghui Wu is a research scientist in the Department of Computer Science,University of California,santa Barbara(UCSB). He is currently working in big graph data management and mining. He received his ph.D. degree from the University of Edinburgh,UK in 2010.Inthis talk he will introduce my research for big graph data processing, addressing the following aspects.

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When a Marathon is Not Enough

Download ICS File 26/05/2013 , Al Nasser Tower, Mezzanine Floor

Ingmar Weber is a hobby athlete who’s finished about a dozen of ultra-marathons and a handful of ultra-triathlons, including two world championships. He'll introduce you to some of his personal heroes whose stories are a true source of inspiration. He’ll also talk a bit about the science and philosophy behind this sport and will throw in some personal anecdotes.

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Going Big on Big Data

Download ICS File 21/05/2013 , Tornado Tower-10th Floor-Conference Room 1015

Samuel Madden is a professor of Electrical Engineering and computer Science in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In this talk he will give a bit of background about what big data is, why industry is soexcited about it. and his own perspective on thechallenging researchproblems is bring up he also describe a couple of "big data" research projects they have been doing

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Exploring Challenges in Semantic Role Labeling

Download ICS File 19/05/2013 , Tornado Tower-10th Floor-Conference Room 1015

Associate Professor at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)sine2000. PhD in computer Science (UPC1999 awarded the UPC prize for doctoral dissertations in computer Science. In this talk he will overview the research he conducted in the last fourteen years in the field of natural language Processing (NLP).

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Score Distributions in Information Retrieval

Download ICS File 08/05/2013 , Tornado Tower, 10th Floor, Conference Room 1015

Dr. Avi Arampatzis, graduate from the Computer Engineering and Informations Department of the University of Patras, Greece. He will review the history of modeling score distribution and experimental evidence, and discuss conditions which valid binary mixture models should satisfy.

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Energy and Bandwidth Optimization in Mobile Multimedia Systems

Download ICS File 01/05/2013 , Qatar University, room E113

Dr. Mohamed Hefeeda, Principal Scientist, QCRI Distributed Systems, delivers a talk at the Computer Science and Engineering college at Qatar University.

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Meeting of the Minds

Download ICS File 30/04/2013 , Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Doha

QCRI's Principal Scientist, Stephan Vogel, is a judge at Carnegie Mellon's annual Meeting of the Minds research competition.

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MIT NeuroImage and System Biology workshop

Download ICS File 29/04/2013  - 02/05/2013 , Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Halima Bensmail is an invited speaker at this workshop.

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In the Media

Neural networks MIT.jpg

Reading a neural network’s mind


Neural networks, which learn to perform computational tasks by analyzing huge sets of training data, have been responsible for the most impressive recent advances in artificial intelligence, ...

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CSAIl image october 2017 story.JPG

CSAIL hosts annual meeting highlighting innovative collaboration with QCRI


This year CSAIL celebrates five years of collaboration with the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), an esteemed research institute that’s part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha. This ...

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Poynter fact-checking story.JPG

Study: On Twitter, you're better off fact-checking your crazy uncle than a complete stranger


A new study has found what many of us have always thought to be true: We are more likely to accept correction from people we know than strangers. The  study , conducted by researchers at Cornell, ...

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after school pic.JPG

QCRI's Creative Space launches free after-school computing courses for teenagers

Download ICS File 01/11/2017  - 20/12/2018 ,

We offer an App Inventor Course in Arabic for students aged 13-15 and an Arduino Programming Course in English for students aged 14-18. Courses are free. Please register quickly as places are limited.

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Past Events

Summer Camp 2.jpg

QCRI conducts first summer computing camps for kids

Download ICS File 16/07/2017  - 27/07/2017 ,

Children and teenagers have been given a rare chance to develop their computing skills with world-class computing scientists at the first summer computing camp conducted by the Qatar Computing ...

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CS 1.jpg

QCRI’s Creative Space holds Open House event for kids

Download ICS File 20/05/2017 ,

The Qatar Computing Research Institute’s new Creative Space, which conducts fun activities to teach children computing skills, has successfully held its first Open House event. About 100 children ...

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yelena pic.JPG

#Halal now a lifestyle definition on Instagram


The word “halal” is no longer being defined only in a religious context but is becoming a lifestyle term associated with health and fashion around the globe, a new study of Instagram posts led by ...

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Dr. Mokbel.jpg

QCRI’s Mohamed Mokbel named Distinguished Scientist by world’s largest computing society ACM


Chief scientist among only 43 scientists globally - and the only one from the Middle East - to be selected for the honor in 2017.

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Ingmar for award story.JPG

QCRI's Ingmar Weber wins UN award for joint gender equality research


Joint research undertaken by Dr. Ingmar Weber of Qatar Computing Research Institute, part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, along with scientists from Oxford and Princeton universities, has won a ...

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